Help us

We appreciate all interest in our work, and would like to get the word out on this project as much as possible. We are very keen to get the news out to tourists, naturalists and other boat operators who will be sailing and working in the waters around the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Scotia Arc this coming December to March 2018, to encourage everyone to look out for southern right whales and report their sightings to the South Georgia museum.

BAS_4714_Scotia Sea Region
The South Georgia and Scotia Arc region of the South Atlantic. Image: BAS

Furthermore we are really keen to receive any good quality photographs taken of right whales by visitors to this region. Right whales have patches of very rough, white skin on their heads, which have unique patterns in every individual. Good quality photographs of the heads can allow us to identify individuals and compare photographs to find out where and when whales have been seen.

Side image of a southern right whale, showing its unique head patterns. Image: Carlos Olavarría

Please submit any photographs you have to our collaborators at who are gathering all right whale images to help support our project. You will be informed about any matches we make between the submitted photographs and our whale catalogue, with our grateful thanks for your contribution to this science.


Please spread the word as far as possible and re-post this message! Download and share this leaflet explaining how to submit images and support our work.